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librarianpirate asked
ohohoh! What is your system for organizing picture books? #piratessteal

In the Fall of 2008, our then-Head of Childrens’ Services Gretchen Caserotti reorganized the books in our Childrens’ Library to create the First Five Years Picture Book Collection. Typically, picture books are arranged by the last name of the author, which means absolutely nothing to kids 5 and under. In the reorganization, truck books are with other truck books, dogs are with dogs, faeries are with faeries, etc. I recommend you check out her slideshare presentation.

  1. librarianpirate said: oh my goodness this is almost exactly what coworker A and I have been trying to do only more so and better! I love it! This slide show is getting sent on to various people in my department.
  2. thebronzemedal said: I love that I was just talking about this IRL and am now liking a post about it on tumblr. I also love that our children’s dept will be doing this soon!
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